Burnham Park Biking

Burnham Park is Baguio's most popular destination for leisure and fun. At the western part of Burnham park in Baguio city is a place where one can have a biking activity where you can rent a bike - single bike, bike in tandem or bike with sidecar. 

There are also bike for little kids. The photo shows me how happy life could be. The boy just rides the bike with innocence in his face, no marks of problems and frustrations. As life goes on, struggles, failures and problems come and go. But as the boy enjoys his biking moments, everyone also deserves to be happy. 

Problems are inevitable and we must deal with it. It should not stop us from dreaming and achieving a goal. It is just a spice of our life. Life is too short and let's enjoy it as long as we are alive like what the boy in bike does.


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