Pindangan Ruins Doubled

Pindangan Ruins serve as the remnant of a once grand church, now just a display - can no longer hold a decent mass. It has been dilapidated and abandoned. It is located at Brgy Parian in the city of San Fernando in La Union.

The sad thing here is that the structure wasn't just ruined, the history itself was also ruined by the people that's why I called it Double Ruins. The people (not all) of La Union doesn't know about this Pindangan Ruins when I asked many of them for a direction.

Even tricycle drivers that regularly ply the city roads also didn't know about it. They are more familiar to Carmelite Monastery, located in the same compound with the Ruins.

So if going here, tell the local driver "Send me to Carmelite Monastery" instead of Pindangan ruins because he might not know about it. The history was also ruined.


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