Lovers in a Pagoda

The Chinese Pagoda in the city of San Fernando in La Union is a perfect place to view the San Fernando Bay, more so if it is sunset. Aside from being a perfect place to view the sunset, it is also preferred by lovers to be a perfect place to date.

I was able to see the Chinese Pagoda also called the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Park in San Fernando City, La Union in a sunset. It is located atop a hill to an elevation where you can view the San Fernando Bay.

Just a simple insight, the park isn't maintained well. I don't know if the shortcoming comes from our government or the citizens themselves because what I saw was a very dirty park which garbage everywhere and full of vandalism. The sad thing is that, the things written at those walls are words I can hardly swallow :-(

Tell me who is to blame, our government or the people? 


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