Halo-halo Too Huge to Eat

Nurse Lakwatsero really never expected that this can be real. It was a very nice innovation. I have eaten at Brother's Grille in San Fernando City, La Union and this was what I have discovered.

Since I am stuck on my computer for almost 24 hours a day (including some scenes in my dreams, lol), I manage many blogs considering that I am a full-time nurse. I got interested with this halo-halo because of my FOOD BLOG. In fact my food blog is about budget eating.

I looked upon the available menu and this caught my attention. It was Halo-halo in a buko and it sounds interesting.

Actually, it was too huge for me to eat that some other clients nearby are talking about me. They might be thinking I can not hear them but I really can hear them that time. there were telling to me that malakas daw akong kumain (with voracious appetite) because of the huge halo-halo.

Well if they think I can eat that all, I really can not. It was too huge. Well, I don't care. I actually do everything I can do to experience something unusual and take note, I am a blogger. I can go everywhere, I can eat anywhere. I can do everything, I can eat anything. Hehe. That is the blogger spirit!


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