Bonsai Kid: Finding a Luck

Nurse Lakwatsero was able to climb halfway the Mayon's crater to the Mayon Resthouse and what I saw at the final destination is a mixed emotion. 

It was amazing since the view of the Mayon Volcano up close was just fulfilling and on the other hand, my heart melted when I saw kids selling bonsai plants for a living. One look at the kids, signs of poverty are evident. They wear dirty shirts and their skin is untidy too. But who am I to judge them because it is the only way they can do to survive.

They sell bonsai plants to tourists for 50 pesos and they keep chasing after us hoping to find their luck to sell their products.

I pray that may God bless them even more and that these children will be able to survive the obstacles in life and have a better life in the future. It is not their fault because they are just children and their are working for their family at a young age. They are out of school. If our government will continue a culture of corruption, I think the future of this child is not so bright and might continue this job for a life time.


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