Tour Guide to the Darkness

I think I was not just lucky enough to see a hot spring in Tabaco City, Albay because the night came on a rush without giving us the chance to see the destination.

The photo above is our accidental tour guide we have hired from Legazpi City. He is just an ordinary citizen who sells Pili Nuts at the Grand Terminal of Legazpi who just happened to memorize the tourist spots in Albay.

He has been guiding us to see a hot spring in the dark. We were able to reach the destination but of course it is no longer worthwhile because the  place is already very dark and who would enjoy seeing view of total darkness?

We even took the trail of the woods at night and parked our bus near a residential house asking them to arise from sleep and fix their power lines because our bus can not park with the low-lying power lines. It was such a hassled tour. We were just crazy looking for a place that in the long run can not be seen.


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